Just a reminder I will be in Colorado August 28th and returning on Sept 3rd at 10am. Go to www.vtdogpack.com to find some amazing dog sitters in your area- under dog walkers and dog sitters


Dog Party!

7 dogs tonight! Hannah goes home soon though:( Gabbys mom is watching a play and spending the weekend in southern Vermont, Jake’s dad is in Vegas, Duke’s parents are at the 7th gen party at the waterfront, Lily’s mom is at wanderlust in Canada, and Kyi Po’s mom is rocking it in DC! I love knowing that everyone is having a great time and livin it up and that their dogs are having a great time and getting socialized and loved~

Relaxiing friday movie night

Hannah looks super comfy! Lily on the pillow, Kyi Po where my arms will be when I say down, Jake on the other couch so he can stretch his long body. Willow and Gabby on their dog bed- which you can not see in this photo! one of the most relaxing friday nights i have had in a while!

Adventures at the Whale Tails

Willow, Hannah, Kiva and Anni at the whale tails! We had an all girls adventure today and picked wild flowers~

Friday Night Fun!

Treat time! we have a full house tonight! just missing Anni in this photo! This is what my Friday night looks like! How adorable and patient are they?!

Swimming at Indian Brook

Great day for a swim! Milo, Marley and Anni swimming and loving on sticks. The weather is absolutely beautiful today!

Colorado Labor day weekend

I try not to go away on holidays because it is a busy time for me BUT this labor day I will be in Colorado. I am leaving August 28th and will return Sept 2nd. If you need dog sitting please go to http://www.vtdogpack.com and under dog walkers and dog sitters you will find some amazing dog sitters in your area who can help you out. If you have any questions or need any additional help please feel free to ask. Would love to help you out in any way I can

Back from a wonderful vacation in England and now I get some Anni time! This is my first time watching Anni.  She is super sweet and loving. She is super mellow and has been a pure joy to be with! She is skittish around other dogs and likes to have her space. Being in a controlled environment where I make sure other dogs and people give her her space she will learn to trust and relax when other dogs and people are around her.

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