Our Newfoundland Grizzly Jack is fortunate to have Rachel in his life.  Due to our current schedules Rachel often spends the day with Grizzly. She is gracious enough to pick him up and bring him home, take him on outdoor adventures with other dogs, (which he loves) and of course cuddle time!
When we travel Rachel takes him and I know he is comfortable, relaxed and well loved. Her rates are extremely reasonable for what you get. We have tried the option of a kennel once and just hated the idea of our beloved dog spending so much time without more attention and not in a ‘home environment’.
Rachel sends us photos of Grizzly on many of his outings and it is so wonderful to see him clearly having so much fun!
Rachel makes our current schedule possible and we are forever grateful!
Grizzly’s Family 🙂
Rachel does a wonderful job taking care of our golden retriever when we are away.  It makes travel a much less stressful experience knowing that our dog is getting love and attention when we are not home and is so much better than leaving him in a kennel.  Her rates are very reasonable and Rachel is a really wonderful person.  We are really grateful that we have found someone like her to watch our dog when we are out of town.

Rachel is our go to for dog care when we have to travel.  We trust Rachel completely with our fur baby and he loves to go with her!  We totally agree with her philosophy when it comes to dogs, and love that our dog is in a comfortable home environment.  Plus the fact that we get to check in and see pictures of him makes it even better.  – Jess and Vinnie

“Last year my husband and I were looking for a dog walker or a dog sitter for our 5-year old dog Basil. We were due for our first baby and I wanted to find someone I could trust my dog to bring him out and give him some play time while I was taking care of my newborn. A friend and a co-worker told me about Rachel, I looked her up and thought what she offered was great and that Basil was going to love going to fun places. We met soon after, and both, Basil and I, loved her immediately! Besides providing the BEST service in town, she has an AMAZING personality, no wonder why dogs and their owners love her! She always gives me great feedback on Basil, and has given me too very useful tips on how to correct certain behaviors on my dog. She truly cares about her dogs. She’s very honest, professional, and most important, she treats the dogs she takes like her own. I LOVE her, and Basil and I are very happy we found her. I would recommend her without hesitation, she’s the BEST!”  Ana B
Anytime I leave for a trip, within minutes of leaving the house I start to miss my boy Jake.  It’s something I just can’t help because like any parent I worry about him when I’m gone.  Well,  I can tell you that I still miss Jake when I leave but since I started leaving him with Rachel at Rachel’s Tranquil in home dog care I never worry about him.  I have been friends with Rachel for 10 years now and I know that when I leave Jake with her that he is in the best care possible( sometimes I think he likes her better then me;)   I absolutely love getting live updates on Rachel’s FB page with his daily activities when I’m gone.  I truly believe that when I take a vacation and leave Jake that he too is on a dog vacation.
Our two fur children absolutely love going out with Rachel! We have always been hesitant sending our girls into social situations without us; one used to be completely terrified of dogs she didn’t know, and our other can be a complete nut sometimes, so both have their challenges to overcome But Rachel had no worries about taking our girls, she is so awesomely connected with these dogs that she sees what each individual dog needs to have a fun and safe outing! Going out with Rachel has helped our nervous dog progress even more in social situations AND our nutty girl is a great off-leash pooch now too! (We never expected to happen so quickly before.) The added bonus is all the wonderful pictures she takes of the pups while they are romping around; it is so awesome to see pictures of our fur children having so much fun while we are away. Sometimes it looks like they don’t even miss us at all when they are with Rachel 🙂 
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We are so happy and satisfied to know that when we travel for business or pleasure, our Labradors are in competent, caring, and loving lands with Rachel.  We are totally confident that they will be well taken care of and loved.  And sometimes they even learn something new or get more experience in following various commands, an added benefit!
                                                            Tom and Ginny

Rachel’s Tranquil In-Home Dog Care is not only a tranquil retreat for my anxious Bassett Hound, Duke, but he absolutely loves Rachel! I feel so comfortable dropping Duke off with Rachel because I know he will get exercise, social time with other pups, cuddle time with Rachel (& Joe), and of course a comfortable place to sleep. I have tried traditional dog boarding places in town, but after a long weekend of being away, I would go to pick up Duke and he would be more stressed and anxious than when I dropped him off. I am so happy and relieved to have found a place with a home environment that I can drop my dog off to and know that he comfortable and content. Now, when I go to pick up Duke after a weekend away at Rachel’s, he is relaxed and happy! I highly recommend Rachel’s Tranquil In-Home Dog Care!


We have loved taking Charlie to Rachel. We know that when we leave him with Rachel he will be well taken care of. We are also certain he will have a great time. She always takes the pups for hikes and he most always gets to enjoy the company of other dogs. I can tell that she truly loves all the dogs she cares for and it is this spirit that keeps us coming back to her. We literally get excited for Charlie when we have to go on vacation! We are so lucky we have found this amazing dog charmer.


“It became apparent that Rachel’s care had an a great effect on Trinket when – after a couple days – I went to go pick up Trinket just as Rachel was coming back from a walk. While Trinket was excited to see me, she was also seemed more excited to continue the walk she was on with Rachel and the other pups.  Trinket usually has a great deal of separation anxiety and to see her that as ease and wanting to hang with the other pups was awesome.”


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