About & Prices


ABOUT US- Joe & Rachel run dog camp Monday & Wednesday. Dog Camp is an off leash 2 hour adventure on private land. Dogs get picked up around 9 and dropped off around 1. Dog camp is $40 with pick up and drop off included. We also offer dog boarding to our dog camp clients only. Dog sitting is $55 a day.  If you do not think your dog is camp ready still please inquire- we can guide you into the right direction to get them there

LOCATION– We live in the old north end of Burlington with our 9 year old dog Jace.

EXPERIENCE– We have been professionally dog sitting & walking for over 12 years. We have worked with many different types of dogs and have learned a lot from my sister Rhonda Bilodeau (a local dog trainer) on how to teach dogs to relax in an unknown environment. We are trained to use e-collars and are insured by Pet Sitters Associates, LLC.



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